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Adventure Tours Alanya

Activities that suit the brave traveler who wants a little extra cool on holiday

Alanya jeep - safari - tours - jacobrent
Alanya Jeep Safari

Alanya jeep safari tour is a fun nature tour with open landover Jeep on the Taurus mountains covered with pine forests.In this tour, you will discover the natural face of Alanya away from the city.You will be amazed at the wonderful views of Alanya and the Mediterranean from a height of thousands of meters. Mountain villages,village mosque,water wars and fun. At the end of the tour, dimcayinde cooling and lunch tour program

Rafting Tour Köprücay - Alanya


Rafting tours from Alanya on the world-famous ‘Köprücay’, one of the most suitable rivers for rafting in Turkey, which is equipped with great beauty in the Beşkonak district of Antalya, köprülü Canyon National Park. Rafting is a sport of nature that is 1-2-3 the degree of difficulty that a person can do comfortably in any age without a health problem.

Alanya rafting tour - Jacob Renta Alanya Turkey
Cappadocia Tour

Cappadocia 3 days tour from Alanya is a culture tour thats offer you with 2 nights accommodation. Cappadocia which is unique in the world and is a miraculous nature is about 500 km away from Alanya. Why not try balloon flying high above the amazing landscape of Cappadocia - If you dare and are not afraid of heights.

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