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Turkish Cuisine 

Turkish food is very tasty but not hot spicy

Turkish cuisine is famous for diversity and usage of fresh vegetables. To taste a real turkish food, search restaurants called Lokantası or Sulu Yemek when you are in Turkey.

When staying in Alanya for a longer period of time, you may want to do as the locals do and buy your weekly vegetables and fruits from the local farmer's market (bazaar). The quality and price are fantastically affordable, you can make sure to buy organically produced products.


If you visit Alanya for a short period, a visit to the bazaar can be an exciting experience to see fresh vegetables. It is common that you can taste with small samples before you buy it.

The good taste of turkish food comes from using fresh ingredients, spices and herbs without using a lot of salt.

Favorite dishes we recommend you try:

  • Menemen (eggs in tomato sauce)

  • Dolma (stuffed vegetables)

  • Lahmacun or Pide (turkish pizza)

  • Karnıyarık (meat filled eggplant)

  • Kabak Tatlisi (candied pumpkin)

  • Kunefe (sweet cheese pastry). 

Refikas Kitchen

Learn cooking turkish food -  Easy and very tasty! - You can learn through videos with Refika

Every week, Refika shares new videos on youtube with you where she shows you recipes that are very delicious, yet easy to cook from Turkish cuisine. Learning to cook always has a special place for every culture and different kitchens have their heart and love for food in different ways.

Refika promises you that you will learn a lot about Turkish cooking while having a lot of fun together.

So join her journey by subscribing to her youtbe channel and learn all the wonders and delicious recipes of Turkish food in an easy and entertaining way.

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