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Is it earthquake safe in Alanya

Considering the large and devastating earthquake in Turkey, we thought we would show on a map the various risk zones in Turkey. The greatest risk zone is marked with 1. Degree, 5. Degree are the places in Turkey that have the least risk of having an earthquake. As you can see, Alanya is between 3rd and 4th place and ends up in 3.5th place. Apparently minor earthquakes have also been reported in Alanya, but with such low amplitudes and never any lives were in danger, even no damage to buildings because these never reach such high amplitudes.

Turkey Earthquake Risk Map.jpg

Alanya districts are safe from strong earthquakes and lie on a scale from 1 to 5 on a risk class zone 3.5. Highest risk is =1 and lowest risk is =5

You can see on the map the line the tectonic plate runs

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