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Unlimited WiFi in all our Apartments

In all our apartments, we have fast and stable Internet WiFi connection without limitation, you can use it as long as you want.We know that a fast internet WiFi connection has become so important for all of us?

Here are 5 points that we think are important with unlimited WiFi

Versatie communication
Unlimited WiFi in all our Apartments - EasyApartAlanya

1. Versatile communication

Having access to free and fast WiFi allows you as our guest to keep in touch with your family and friends which makes you a happy guest which means a better stay in Alanya for you. Whether you want to update your social media accounts with a photo of that very Instagram-friendly apartment or some pictures of Alanya's beautiful beaches, or have a Skype or WhatsApp conversation with your family and friends, our free and fast internet connection will help you feel relaxed, content and in touch with your loved ones.

Work and business

2 . Work Remotely from Alanya

Are you the lucky one who can and wants to work remotely from Alanya? Our apartments' internet connection is fast and reliable, which gives you a relaxed and pleasant work environment. You don't need to spend money in a coffee shop, when you can stay and work from your apartment. The better and more accessible an internet connection is, the more you get done.

TV & Film on Smart-TV

3. TV & Film on Smart-TV

With our fast WiFi internet connection och smart tv in our apartments you don't have to compromise on watching your favorite TV programs, live tv or watching movies on demand without interruption. You will be find Smart TV,s in our apartments with avalibility to see allkind of media on the TV

Planning the trip

4. Planning the trip

Free and fast WiFi makes it easy for you to get the most out of your stay in Alanya, giving you access to all kinds of web-based information. When you are connected to a WiFi connection, you can use websites to find out opening hours of nearby restaurants, attractions in Alanya, book tickets and much more. In this context, our fast WiFi offers a seamless guest experience. 


5. Avoid roaming charges

Even if the EU scraps data roaming charges, international travelers still have to cough up to use the Internet on their mobile devices. With our free and fast WiFi, you will be able to save money during your stay in Alanya

 Avoid roaming charges

Our fast WiFi works with all modern devices such as computers, laptop, pad and mobile phones.

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