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Long Time Vacation in Alanya

Long time vacation is exactly what it sounds like. A long holiday where you can choose to be away for as many weeks as you want and many months! We at EasyApartAlanya make it possible for you. We offer you long-term rental apartments in sunny Alanya at good prices.

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Long-term stay in Alanya

Alanya is ideal for those who want to spend a longer time abroad when it's cold here at home. Alanya has a pleasant climate even during the winter, where daytime rarely gets colder than 15-16 degrees. Here there are plenty of shops and restaurants, inviting sandy beaches and a lot of sights.

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Stay in Alanya as a pensioner

You decide for yourself how long your holiday should be, several weeks, months or you want to stay several years? You might want to live as pensioners in a wonderful warm climate? Yes, in this case you have come to the right address, we have apartments for long-term rental and will help you all the way.

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Apartments close to Kleopatra beach

When you stay in an EasyApartAlanya apartment, you live in central Alanya, close to Kleopatra and Damlatas beach. We have apartments from 55 to 135 square meters for long-term rental from at least one month's rental period to several years. The best thing is that all the apartments are close to the beach.

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