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Property Services at Your Doorstep

Property Management made easy

"Don't worry, be happy! Our Property Management services take care of everything when you're not in Alanya."  

Relax and enjoy peace of mind while we take care of your Alanya property in your absence. Don't worry, be happy, knowing that our experienced team will handle everything for you."
Property Managment & Sevices

Property Managment & Services

Property Management Services Offered by EasyApartAlanyawith cooperation Anadolu Real Estate in Alanya -Turkey

Property Management Services benefits and why you should have it:

1. Property Management Services:
- EasyApartAlanya offers comprehensive property management services, ensuring the efficient and reliable management of resident properties.
- The services include key holding, 5-star housekeeping, property maintenance, professional photography, profile marketing and listing, 24/7 support, price optimization, interior design, and online performance reporting.

2. Benefits of Property Management:
- Property management services help homeowners in Alanya - Turkey to increase the value of their property.
- For rental property investors, these services provide convenience and assist in finding and retaining tenants, collecting rent, and overseeing maintenance and compliance.
- Property management companies also offer legal support, language assistance, and measurement tools for effective rental management.

3. Advantages of Using a Property Management Company:
- Collaborating with a professional property management company allows homeowners to earn a higher rental income, attract higher quality tenants, and reduce stress.
- These companies handle marketing strategies, provide 24/7 easy check-in and check-out services, and ensure effective communication between homeowners and tenants.
- Property management companies also offer performance reporting to help homeowners monitor the status and profitability of their properties.

4. Rental Property Investment in Alanya - Turkey:
- Investing in rental properties in Alanya is a popular way to make money in the short and long run.
- Working with a professional property management company maximizes the potential of rental properties and saves homeowners time and money.
- Property management companies protect homeowners from rental scams, ensure effective marketing strategies, and provide multilingual support.

5. Services Offered to Property Owners:
- EasyApartAlanya offers digital marketing exposure to ensuring higher visibility for rental properties. Tailor-made for European customers with all support in their native language.
- The company also provides professional photoshoots, bed linen supply, cleaning services, repair and maintenance, 24/7 guest services, and interior design consultancy.
- Homeowners can also receive assistance with short-term lease licenses.

6. Frequently Asked Questions:
- The FAQ section provides information on property criteria, contract agreements, payment methods, key storage, guest return policies, owner stays, damages to the property, insurance recommendations, renewal of durable goods, and responsibility for non-durable goods.

7. Responsibility of Utility Bills:
- The landlord is responsible for all utility bills such as electricity, water, and internet.
- In case the landlord provides us with CC details, we can make automatic payment orders on their behalf.

We offer property management services for complexes and individual properties. For complexes, we handle day-to-day operations, staff management, security, accounting, and maintenance. For individual properties, we provide monthly checks, utility setup, bill payments, and assistance with various services. The annual fee for individual property management is 200 €. For more information, please press Book Now button.
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