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When you rent an apartment in Alanya from us

Our rental conditions:

When you rent an apartment in Alanya from us, you are required to pay a reservation fee to secure the apartment you choose. We will therefore send you a reservation fee invoice.

This reservation fee is intended to ensure that the apartment is ready for you to move into when you arrive in Alanya. It also means your commitment to renting the apartment. At the same time, when you reserve an apartment with us, you can plan your arrival to Alanya in good time

Upon your arrival, you will sign the lease agreement with our property management Anadolu Homes Alanya real estate office and receive the keys. The lease will be formalized on the day you move into the apartment and that is when you will finalize the details of your tenancy.

It is important to adhere to the requirement to pay the reservation fee within the specified time frame to ensure that the apartment remains reserved for you. This process ensures that both you and the landlord are committed to the lease, providing clarity and security for both parties.

With us, you always get a 14-day right of withdrawal according to European legislation with a money-back guarantee.

Additional information

1. **Rental period**: The rental period is at least one year.
The minimum rental period with us is one year. You can of course rent for several years with us, but we do not rent monthly, only annually. Entering into rental contracts is done annually and renewed if desired.

2. **Extension possibility**: In case you wish to extend the lease, the landlord and the tenant must agree on a new lease period. Extension of the lease must be notified to us 3 months before the existing lease expires.

3. **Payment of the rent and external costs**: The monthly rent for the apartment is exclusive of electricity, internet and water costs.

The rent is paid monthly to our bank account via bank transfer.

You as a tenant are responsible for paying quarterly electricity, internet and water usage based on your consumption. We will therefore send you a quarterly settlement invoice with your consumption.

4. **Index rent increase**: An annual index rent increase, linked to the European inflation rate, is included in the lease agreement.

The clause guarantees that the rent will be adjusted in line with prevailing economic conditions, ensuring fair and equitable adjustments over time.

5. **Lease contract and deposit payment**: The lease will be formalized and signed on your move-in date. On this occasion, you as the tenant are obliged to pay a deposit equivalent to two months' rent, which will be refunded when the tenant carefully moves out of the apartment. 

6. **Notice period**: The rental agreement specifies a three-month notice period. If you as a tenant decide to terminate the lease early, you need to give us a written notice of termination at least three months in advance. This ensures that both the tenant and the landlord have time to make the necessary arrangements to enter into the tenancy, promoting a smooth transition for both parties.

7. **Right of withdrawal**: The tenant is given a 14-day right of withdrawal according to European legislation.

Rules on distance selling. Within this period, the contract can be changed or canceled and the entire booking fee / reservation fee will be refunded. After this period, cancellation or termination is not possible, but a change of move-in date or transfer to another apartment can be offered depending on availability. These terms serve as the framework for the rental agreement and are subject to the specific details set forth in the written agreement. We recommend that you as a tenant carefully review and understand the lease to ensure full compliance and understanding of the rights and obligations.

If you have any questions or if there is anything else you would like to know about the booking fee or the rental process, please feel free to ask us for further assistance.

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