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Alanya West

The westside of Alanya

Alanya West presents a contemporary and vibrant district within the city, characterized by relatively new buildings that offer modern living spaces. The district enjoys close proximity to the renowned Kleopatra Beach, serving as a focal point for residents and visitors. This bustling area attracts a diverse blend of nationalities, fostering an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for creating a pleasant and multicultural community.

Notably, Alanya West hosts the prominent Migros supermarket, providing convenient access to a wide range of products and services for residents. Furthermore, the district boasts several green areas adorned with playgrounds, catering to the recreational needs of families and creating a wholesome environment for children to play and thrive.

For those looking to venture into the city center, access is made convenient through the local city buses which operate at approximately ten-minute intervals. This ensures seamless connectivity and accessibility, allowing residents to easily explore the vibrant heart of Alanya while relishing the contemporary amenities and coastal allure of Alanya West.

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