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Do you love to dance - why not on vacation? Some recommendations from us

Love to dance - why not dance on vacation?


For those of you who on your holiday choice demand experiences such as Dance and not just consumption, have instead chosen experience-based trips that have become increasingly popular in 2022.


Today's travelers today demand experience-based and knowledge-generating pleasure trips

Keywords: Edutainment, dance trips, consumption, identity trips, experiences.


"Let's Dance" and the concept of Edutainment


That dance today has become an increasing trend in many countrys hol over the world is a fact, which we have also been able to see after the "Let's Dance" TV program. The fact that people as travelers want to keep up with this trend can, in our opinion, definitely be seen as an identity expression for the trend-conscious travelers in today's society.


Through dance, in our opinion, people can detach themselves from their inhibitions, which we believe results in a happier life, so why should this not be an alternative activity even during the holidays?


"Experience pleasure and learn something at the same time - Go on an Edutainment journey and develop yourself!"


In Oba and Cleopatra Beach there are many good Live Music places there you can dance to hits and evergreens. Our vacation rentals are located right on Cleopatra Beach and in Oba just a five minute walk distance to all the restaurants and live music places.

Everyone is welcome - EasyApartAlanya 

We are offering short and long term vacation rentals close to the Cleopatra and Oba Beaches.

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