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Buying property in Alanya

Alanya has become incredibly popular with both holiday home owners and expats over the years. Real estate investors are attracted by the beautiful 300 days sunny weather, stunning coastlines, colorful waters and pristine locations.


Popular properties are most modern apartments and villas. It is much easier to buy a home in Turkey than in many other European countries, as the quick turnaround makes it an attractive prospect for investors around the world.

Step 1

First you will be find a property that you want to buy. Alanya is an excellent location for buying a holiday home is a lifestyle choice and most tend to look to the country's coastal areas of the Aegean or Mediterranean. We offer properties in Alanya. Most people buy a relatively modern property in Alanya and the quality of new builds has improved drastically in the last decade. Brand new apartments and villas are available in a more modern open plan style, some with lovely outdoor areas and swimming pools. Whatever type of property or location you are looking for, we has something for everyone.


Step 2

Once you have found your dream holiday home,  we will draw up a contract with you with the agreed purchase terms. This includes the amount of your security deposit, an agreed date by which you will pay the full security deposit and the final cost of the property. We have background from Finland, Sweden, Germany and Turkey and give you all information and help you need in your native language for the duration of the procedure so that you fully understand everything.

Step 3

Upon signing the contract, you are required to pay a deposit to secure the property (minimum deposit accepted is typically 2-5% of the purchase price of the property.

Step 4

After you have buy a property and signing the contract, then the contract sends to a local solicitor. The solicitor will be responsible for overseeing the TAPU (title deed) and Iskan (residence permit) applications and contract processing. 


The Iskan is a technical passport for your property that contains information about your property such as the number of floors and indoor infrastructure. The TAPU is an official document that shows ownership. This document includes the owner's photo and an official stamp and signature. It is important for a TAPU to be authenticated by ensuring that the name on the TAPU matches the sellers. Your solicitor will check all of this for you and ensure that the TAPU is debt free and consistent with the property in question.


All parties then sign the contract drawn up, which is witnessed by the lawyer, the legal translator and another witness.

Step 5

All taxes and fees are paid at the time of deed transfer. You must pay a buyer's fee to which is set at 3% of the property's value. You will also have to pay purchase tax (stamp duty) which is 4% of the appraised value of your property. The appraised value is usually around 60% of the purchase price, so your purchase tax is 4% of 60% of the value of your property. 


Step 5

As a new property owner, you will receive your TAPU (Title Deed) upon completion of the purchase process. You need to register with the local tax office and open a Turkish bank account, which is mandatory for registering a property in Turkey. To open a Turkish bank account, in addition to your original copy of your passport, you must also provide another ID with your home address in the country where you reside. This can be in the form of a driver's license, utility bill (electricity, water, gas, etc.) or council tax bill. Once the bank account is opened you will be given your own tax number and you will need to register with the local council that you are now the owner of the property.

Connection fees, taxes and insurance

As soon as you have received the keys to your new holiday home, you will be need have electricity, gas and water.  

The annual property tax is levied by the municipalities (equivalent to the municipal tax) at 0.3% for land and 0.1% for a house. The costs can vary slightly depending on the municipality and in the big cities these figures are twice as high. 
We are happy to help you and guide you through this process, supporting you all the way to your new home

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We recommend that you contact our real estate agent Cetin Inal at Anadolu Homes, a very good choice. Since 2018, Anadolu Homes has been selling properties and villas in Alanya.


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