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The Ultimate New Year Party in Alanya

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Counting Down in Style

Counting Down in Style The Ultimate New Year Party in Alanya

Get ready to usher in the New Year with unparalleled festivity and flair as Alanya, the vibrant coastal gem of Turkey, invites you to partake in an electrifying New Year's celebration filled with pulsating music, dazzling lights, and endless excitement.

New Year Eve Celebration on the Beach:

Desitino Flamingo Beach Club in Alanya
Desitino Flamingo Beach Club

Alanya's beach clubs transform into pulsating hotspots of celebration, offering dynamic beachfront parties that blend the mesmerizing allure of the Mediterranean Sea with electrifying beats and vibrant energy. Dance beneath the stars, indulge in delectable beachside treats, and join the chorus of excited party-goers as you toast to the arrival of a new year by the shimmering shoreline.

Riviera Sunset:

Sunset Kleopatra Beach 2023
Sunset Kleopatra Beach 2023

Alanya's picturesque Riviera sets the stage for an unforgettable New Year's Eve party. As the sun sets on the last day of the year, the Riviera promenade comes alive with color, rhythm, and exuberance as locals and visitors unite for a night of non-stop revelry and merrymaking.


Elevate your New Year's Eve experience by attending one of Alanya's glamorous galas and exclusive parties hosted by premier hotels and venues. From opulent masquerade balls to sophisticated black-tie affairs, these luxurious gatherings promise an evening of grandeur, gourmet dining, and enthralling entertainment, ensuring that your countdown to midnight is nothing short of extraordinary.

Spirited Street Carnivals:

Embark on a vibrant journey through Alanya's bustling streets as the city comes alive with energetic street carnivals, dazzling parades, and lively performances. Witness the mesmerizing display of colorful floats, elaborate costumes, and awe-inspiring fire dancers, all contributing to the infectious energy that fills the air and ignites the hearts of all who participate.

Spectacular Firework Spectacle:


As the clock approaches midnight, Alanya's night sky becomes a canvas for a breathtaking pyrotechnic display. Stand witness to an awe-inspiring extravaganza of fireworks that paint the horizon in a symphony of vibrant hues, casting a spellbinding backdrop for your New Year's merriment.

Excitement, opulence, and unbridled jubilation await as you prepare to immerse yourself in Alanya's ultimate New Year's party that promises to be an unforgettable blend of coastal charm and high-spirited celebration.

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