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Alanya Demirtas

Demirtas has natural landscape

Demirtas offers a unique local experience distinguished by its serene and peaceful ambiance. Unlike bustling tourist hubs, this area is characterized by a charming and tranquil beach environment, providing a perfect setting for those seeking relaxation. The natural landscape, adorned with fields cultivated by locals, adds to the area's rustic charm. Additionally, the proximity to the Taurus mountains makes it an ideal location for nature enthusiasts interested in hiking through forests and mountains.

In terms of amenities, shopping is predominantly conducted at the local government shops located in small kiosks, contributing to the authentic and down-to-earth atmosphere of Demirtas. While enjoying the tranquility of this area, residents and visitors also have access to efficient public transportation services to Alanya, allowing for convenient connectivity to urban conveniences when desired, with the journey taking approximately 40 minutes.

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