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  • Beach apartment in Tosmur for rent 🏠 EasyApartAlanya

    Close to beach apartment 1+1 Tosmur for Long-Term rent. 1/3 Internal Features: 2x Balcony Bathroom Livingroom Bedroom Oppen kitchen Shower 70 sqm Elevator Exterior Features: ​​ Parking place Common Garden Nature sight Limitid sea view Location: Tosmur / Alanya Beach ( 60 meter) Sea ( 60 meter) Heating & Cooling: Air conditioning Solar energy Hot Water Contact Us Close to beach apartment 1+1 in Tosmur for Long-Term rent. Apartments Description: ​ The Tosmur beach apartment is fully furnished and consists of a living room with an open kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, 2 x balconies and a living area of 7 0 square meters. The apartment is on the first floor but there is also a lift available. With its southeast facade, it ensures a light and airy atmosphere. The apartment is located in the tourist area of Tosmur and it surrounds many large hotels and aparts in this area which brings a lively social life with many restaurants, entertainment and grocery stores. ​ Big plus from this apartment: Very close to Tosmur beach and there is an underpass to the beach which ensures a safe walk to the beach without crossing the main street. ​ This apartment is available for long term rental from March 2024 . Montly rental price 400€ ​ Please note: For long-term rental only (Minimum rental period one year) Location: Apartment in Tos mur / Alanya for long-term rent. Is situated only 60 meters from the Tosmur beach away. With limited sea view from balcony. Big plus is thats the apartment is located between, Bora Bora Butik Hotel, Arsi Paradise Beach Hotel, Best Alanya Hotel and Best Home 45. As you understand, you are in the middle of tourist highlights and entertainment, shops and more. ​ ​ Distance to known places: Tosmur beach: 60 meter Alanya Center: 6 km Oba Center 800 meter Steak House 100 meter Bakery 50 meter Migros 200 meter This apartment is available from March 2024 for rental - Monthly rental price 400€ Contact Us Contact Us Select a request Choose an option First name Email Last name Country Code Choose Country Code Phone Write here your message Send Thanks! w will write back shortly.

  • Customer Service 🏘️ Buy/Rent Apartment Near - Cleopatra & Oba Beach – EasyApartAlanya

    Welcome to Alanya, and our customer service Read more Welcome to Alanya - All our services What we do We offer long-term rental of holiday homes / apartments / villas located in Alanya / Turkey. We also have apartments and villas for sale. All our apartments are very close to Alanya's beaches with Turkey's Mediterranean. We speak Finnish, German, Swedish, Spanish and Turkish and help you with all your questions from the beginning of your holiday planning to the end of your stay in Alanya in your native languages. We make it easy for you We have collected everything under one roof. We offer everything you need for a comfortable long-term stay or holiday in Alanya all in one place - from apartments and villas for rent or sale, to home cleaning, handyman service, air conditioning services and property management and much much more..... We provide all the services and amenities you need in to make it easy and comfortable for you to live and long-term stay in Alanya. Rental Apartments Rental apartments for rent close to Kleopatra and Oba beach in Alanya / Turkey Read more Apartments - Villas for Sale Apartments & Villas for sale you choose close to beach or in the hills and valleys of Alanya / Turkey Read more Sell or Rent out your property ​ Will you sell or rent your property in Alanya / Antalya? We help you! Read more Free Pr operty Viewings Book online with us property viewing. Is 100% free of cost Read More Free Property Valuation Book online with us Property valuation. Is 100% free of cost Read More Property Management Service Fee depends on the services chosen. Read More Handyman service in Alanya We have gathered all talented craftsman under one roof who will be happy to help you. Read more ​ Painting service in Alanya We mediate professional house painting companies dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible painting service. Read more Air conditioning service From installation to maintenance, we provide the best services available in Alanya. Read More Cleaning service in Alanya Reliable home cleaning professionals in the greater Alanya area at reasonable prices Read More Moving & Emigrate to Alanya We guiding you through the process step-by-step and explaining each step along the way. Read More Retirement Life in Alanya Alanya - Antalya - Turkey The best place for your best days in the sun Read Mor e Rent a Motorhome i Alanya Coast to Coast - Beach to Beach City to City - East to West With a Motorhome , the Choice is allways yours. Read More Alanya Housing sale prices House and apartment prices have broken the absolute record for price increases in Alanya / Turkey in the last year 2022 and it has not peaked and continues to rise. Read More Alanya housing rental prices We regularly update this page with current housing prices, you will also find current sale prices. Read More

  • About Us 🙋‍♀️ EasyApartAlanya 🏘️ Apartments in Alanya / Turkey

    About Us Welcome to EasyApartAlanya! We have collected everything under one roof. We offer everything you need for a comfortable long-term stay or holiday in Alanya all in one place - from apartments and villas for rent or sale, to home cleaning, handyman service, air conditioning services and property management and much much more... .. We provide all the services and amenities you need in to make it easy and comfortable for you to live and long-term stay in Alanya. Our Long-Term Rental apartments Buying property in Alanya Sell a property in Alanya Rent out a property through us Property Administration in Alanya Handyman services in Alanya Home Cleaning Services in Alanya Information residence permit in Turkey Read more about our Team About Us - we offer EasyApartAlanya offers long-term rental of houses/apartments near Alayna beaches on Turkish Mediterranean. Since we as apartment owners have a Nordic background such as Finland, Germany; Sweden, Turkey, especially if you come from these countries, we can give service in your native language and help you with your search for an apartment / villa. ​ ​If you plan to take a longer vacation, stay a month, three, six months, several years in Alanya or spend your retirement life near the Mediterranean Sea with all the comforts of home, it may be worth looking at our apartments, which we rent out for long-term rentals at good prices. ​ ​At EasyApartAlanya we are passionate about offering the best properties in Alanya to clients from all over the world. We offer a wide range of services, from finding the perfect apartment, to assisting you with all the necessary formalities. We can also help you with craftsmen, house cleaning, even legal and financial advice, you will find everything under one roof! Let us help you get the most out of your long term stay in Alanya. ​ ​We have apartments and villas for long term rent and for sale. ​ Our Apartments/Villas are all carefully handpicked and are located at a convenient distance of just 30 to 150 meters from Cleopatra and Oba Beaches, Alanya, Turkey. You can just grab your flip flops and shorts/bikini and take a bath in the morning or whenever you want. ​ The apartments have a size between 55 - 200 sqm, are fully furnished and have a fully equipped kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room with a view from the balcony of the beautiful Mediterranean beaches in Alanya / Turkey. ​ ​Turkey's food culture is known all over the world for the best and most delicious food and you will find many restaurants around our apartments just around the corner. ​ Alanya's pleasant weather with 300 days of sunshine is perfect for summer travellers, but also spring, autumn or winter. Not to forget that Alanya has an ideal weather/climate for a perfect long term stay which in addition with many events and activities that you can find in Alanya gives you a wonderfully relaxed life. ​ ​We recommend you to take your flights via Gazipasa (Gazipasa-Alanya Airport) which is only 30 minutes drive from Alanya center. We offer airport transfers directly to your rented apartment. The easiest, most comfortable and safest way to get your long-term stay/holiday off to a good start. ​ That's what we call Easy-Living, which is the cornerstone of our company name "EasyApartAlanya". We want your long-term stay with us to be as comfortable as possible, with all the amenities and services you would expect from a long-term stay in Alanya, and we hope you enjoy our EasyApartAlanya concept. ​ Visit our website and let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.​ We welcome you and hope to see you soon in sunny Alanya. Rental of Long Term Apartments located very close to Alanya's beaches with the Turkish Mediterranean Sea.​ ​ We speak English, Finnish, Swedish, German, Spanish and Turkish and help you with all your questions from the beginning of your holiday planning to the end of your holiday. We also offer pick-up at the airport and drive you to your booked apartment with us, where an employee of ours gives you keys and shows you the apartment you have chosen. ​ In collaboration with Jakob Rent, we also offer Alanya Boat Tour / Jeep Safaris / Alanya Aquapark, Tours to Aspendos / Pamukkale / Demre / Myra / Kekova. You can also rent bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and cars with us. ​ ​ Our Apartments in Alanya Entertainment in Alanya Find Direct flights to Alanya Actvities in Alanya We Pickup at the Airport Any Questions, Ask us Adventure Tours Alanya Contact Us

  • Retirement life in Alanya 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 EasyApartAlanya

    Retirement Life in Alanya Alanya - Antalya - Turkey The best place for your best days in the sun You are here reading this, which means you have intentionally taken the necessary steps to prioritize your retirement life and are already on the path to wellness with the idea of living in a sunny and pleasant climate. EasyApartAlanya is the perfect place for those looking to settle into a peaceful, laid back lifestyle in the beautiful city of Alanya. Our team of experts are here to help you every step of the way, from finding the best housing options, to organizing activities and providing advice on where to find the best services. Whether you’re looking to relax and take advantage of the city’s Mediterranean climate, or explore its many cultural attractions, we’ll be with you every step of the way, making sure you settle into retirement life with ease. We invite you all to discover Alanya's sunny and pleasant climate with its beautiful beaches such as the famous Kleopatra beach. Life in Alanya is relaxed and is perfect if you want to live like pensioner in Turkey. Give us feedback as you read, so we can grow together. We believe that a positive and optimistic atmosphere is fundamental to a healthy life and that the environment in which you live has a great influence on health and well-being in a way that you have never experienced before. ​ At hos you will find tips, tutorials and articles covering all topics regarding the life of pensioners in Alanya / Turkey. Feel free to ask us anything on your mind — we're here for you. We have some of the possibilities for you, so get in touch for more information on how we can guide you to a life in the Sun. You will having a great time, greats feelings, joy and a very relaxed life Alanya's sea, water and beaches are wonderful places for you. With its warm climate and relaxed life, you want to come and feel like you want to go and sink your toes in the warm sand and enjoy the warm weather, the water and the pleasant relaxed life. Perfect destination for easyliving and retirement life in the sun Experience an easy and comfortable retirement life in the sun in Alanya with access to the finest amenities and activities that Alanya has to offer. Thats are the perfect destination for easyliving and retirement life in the sun an ideal setting for your transition into a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. Our goal is to provide you with easy and comfortable lifestyle, so you can experience the retirement you’ve always dreamed about. We offers you in Alanya the perfect combination of relaxation and activity, allowing you to enjoy retirement life in the sun. Lifestyle in Alanya Alanya is the perfect destination for those looking to enjoy their retirement in the sun. Our apartments are situated in a beautiful area of Turkey, with 300 days of sunshine each year. Enjoy warm temperatures even during the winter months and all the amenities you need for a comfortable and easy lifestyle. Choose from a selection of spacious and bright apartments that are perfect for couples. ​ Whether you’re looking for a tranquil spot to enjoy your retirement or a vibrant destination for your next holiday, EasyApartAlanya has the perfect solution for you. Contact Us Contact Us to Learn More About Retirement Life in Alanya Useful information about Residence permit Some facts /Foreigners rent / buy properties in Alanya Before 2003, only Germans used to rent or buy a property in Alanya, after 2003 especially Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish people bought their holiday homes in Alanya. Today, in addition to Europeans, other Europeans such as Irish, English, Belgian, Dutch also rent or buy non-European properties in Alanya. The biggest reason to rent or buy a property in Alanya is its climate with long summer season with its 300 sunny days and the mild winter weather attracts many foreigners to spend their winter in Alanya well. It is very common that the majority are retired people who want to spend the winter or live their retired life in Alanya. We get a lot of inquiries, especially regarding what it is like to live as a pensioner in Alanya? Which is not easy to answer because the questions around this and wishes vary a lot in different ways ​There are a few reasons to spend your retired life in Alanya that we think are worth looking at: ​ Cheaper living conditions than in the EU Delicious Turkish food Hospitable Turkish people High quality healthcare services Tasty and fresh fruit and vegetables Gazipasa Airport (only 40 km to Alanya) Safe and clean city Beautiful and nice beaches Sea life Foreign citizens who rent or buy usually want apartments, but also villas in Alanya. The quality of real estate construction has developed over time rapidly every day and the construction sector has achieved European standards, what the foreign home buyers want. Popular places to rent or buy a property are on the east side of Alanya. On the eastern side are Oba, Cikcilli, Kestel, Mahmutlar, Kargıcak and Demirtaş. And on the west side are Konaklı, Avsallar, Okurcalar and Türkler. Apartments are mostly used in the summer. Some others like to have apartments in Alanya city center close to everything that a city life can give them. These foreigners often live in Alanya in the winter as well and are often retired people who have moved to Alanya to live permanently in Alanya. Alanya City provides many advantages for foreigners who live permanently or to live their retirement life in a city. We have listed below why one chooses the city life in Alanya, which for the most part is also our desire for a retirement life that we wish for ourselves and we hope you agree with us. ​ Famous beautiful Kleopatra beach Warm evenings and sunny days all year round Many restaurants that are also open during the winter Many places that offer live music and dance Well-maintained collective traffic around the clock Grocery stores in almost every corner Walks in the sunshine by the sea There are certainly some many other advantages that we have certainly not come across, so we would be grateful if you would write us your views about life in Alanya. You can write to the e-mail address: Or use the contact us button or read more about Residence permit below. Contact Us Residence permit

  • A New Fabulous Year 2023 in Alanya 🌟 EasyApartAlanya

    A New Fabulous Year 2023 in Alanya Before the new year begins, let's review what we accomplished together in the past year. We have created a portal for you who live and want to live in Alanya long-term find an apartment in the easiest way. Now we can also announce that we in collaboration with Restaurant Tadım and Restaurant La Viva Destino ​ We offer you a 20% discount on all food and drink all year round! To get a 20% discount, say the discount code: EasyApartAlanya Tadım Restaurant Tadim Restaurant is located within walking distance from the natural beauties of Alanya. Only 5 minutes to the world famous Cleopatra Beach and Damlatas Beach. ​ We encourage you to try the extensive food and drink menu. You will be satisfied with Tadim restaurants food and drink menus that cater to all tastes. ​ Tadim Restaurant is open all year round in spring, summer, autumn and winter ​ Address : Saray, Hacı Hamdioğlu Cad. Nr:19 07400 Alanya/Antalya ​ Tel. +90 242 512 70 01 Whatsapp: +90 533 379 41 44 See On Google Map Restaurant & Bar - La Viva Destino Restaurang Destino is located in the heart of Alanya, within walking distance of most of the touristic and natural beauties of Alanya. Within a walking distance of about 5 minutes to the world famous Kleopatra Beach. ​ La Viva Destino Restaurant with its extensive food and drink menus. You will also find live music most evenings at Destino, one of Alanya's favorite restaurants that is popular for its Live Music evenings. Spend pleasant and beautiful hours with food, drinks and livemusik with your loved ones together. ​ Address: Saray, Ataturk Blv. Nr: 111/c 07400 Alanya/Antalya ​ Tel. +90 242 511 21 90 Whatsapp: +90 545 481 25 05 ​ ​ See On Google Map More information about Alanya and discounts codes, you find on our Alanya Blog - Read More

  • Boking Airport-Transfers ✈️ EasyApartAlanya

    Book Airport Transfer Private Transfer Transfer from-to Antalya Airport and Gazipaşa Airport all year round. We offer to our clients Airport transfers in Alanya and Side. Private Transfer Antalya Airport 1-4 Passengers one way 60 Euro, with return 120€ 5-8 Passengers one way 80 Euro, with return 150€ 9-14 Passengers one way 120 Euro, with return 220€ ​ Private Transfer Gazipaşa Airport 1-4 Passengers one way 30 Euro, with return 60€ 5-8 Passengers one way 60 Euro, with return 110€ 9-14 Passengers one way 100 Euro, with return 190€ ​ All You have to do is, to fill in the form on the right with details, and we will pick you up on time to the airport. Direct flights to Gazipasa Airport Airport you find on this link >>> NOTE: This service is only for our customers who have booked / rented an apartment with us. Booking Airport-Transfer Easiest way to your apartment First Name Last Name Email Flight Nummer Select Airport Select Destination Country Code Phone Select a date I accept terms & conditions Order Now Thanks for booking we will pickup you at the Airport We are offering short and long term vacation rentals in Alanya-Turkey

  • Edutainment Trips in Turkey 🏛️ EasyApartAlanya

    Edutainment Trips in Turkey With starting point of the most popular city, Istanbul. A melting pot of cultures, the largest city of Turkey is also its most populated. Historically known as Byzantium and Constantinople, Istanbul has been the Centre of attention throughout history with rich culture and heritage can be seen in its cathedrals and palaces such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and Sultan Ahmed Mosque. Included the unforgettable views along the Bosporus Strait with beautiful charming its views över Bosporus landscape you get a unforgettable journey that`s you will remember for ever. Istanbul is also shop town to choice heart’s content. Did you now that`s the world’s first shopping mall was set up in Istanbul and the city’s Grand Bazaar is made up of small shops selling Turkish delights including teas, scented soaps, antiques and Jewelry. Antalya is one of Turkey’s oldest cities which come as a surprise to Travelers since the city’s infrastructure is modern world standard. Antalya are one of most popular tourist destinations in Turkey, well known for its pristine old city of Kaleici, best way is to explore it is by taking an insightful walking tour and explore the old buildings, cafes and boutiques and you will get feels as though one is walking through time that`s is definitely a great experience. Another beautiful City in Turkey is Kas Well-known for the plethora of water activities it offers travelers, here is where you will have an opportunity to witness the famous Mediterranean coastline. You will be find in Kas activities like diving, paragliding, canyoning and hiking especially if you’re looking for an adventure holiday. The most visited place in Turkey is the ‘Cotton Castle’ or in the Turkish language (Pamukkale). Brilliant white travertine terraces and abundant with hot springs dot the area, looks like a fairyland som kommer ge dig ett experience which you will never forget again. Pamukkale is A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is also where travelers can admire the preserved ruins of Hierapolis. Of course, you should not forget Cappadocia. If you have the opportunity do a trip to Cappadocia then you have almost a completed full journey in Turkey. Cappadocia is a natural wonder it is a part of the Gerome National Park and Considered to be the most magical place in Turkey. Amazingly beautiful almost so unreal like you are on a another planet. Its moonscape setting has often been compared to fairy chimneys by locals. You should keep aside at least two to three days for travel to Cappadocia to experience the beauty of this city. Cappadocia made up of five provinces, Aksaray, Nevşehir, Niğde, Kayseri and Kırşehir, this are five provinces of Cappadocia that's give you a variety of experiences. If you have time, if you can spend a couple of days or weeks in this beautiful place can you visit the notable places to in Cappadocia, for example the underground cities of Kaymakli and Derinkuyu as well as the small, ancient city of Avanos. Why not take the balloon and see the amazing landscapes of Cappadocia from the air, actually a hot air balloon ride is the most popular thing to do in Cappadocia, and a beloved tourist attraction if you are not afraid of heights like me who is writing this. For those who are afraid of heights and do not dare to go on a Balloon trip, there are many other local experiences including pottery classes, a night at a cave hotel, and of course, enjoying a Turkish night in one of the many cave restaurants here. Since Turkey is one of the most popular destinations in the world, there is abundant information about the best places to see and things to do in Turkey. We recommended that before traveling to Turkey tour, travelers research and learn more about the country. This will helps you save time, also ensures that one knows what to expect. To help you plan better feel free to contact us. Dance in Alanya Rent a Bike or Car Adventure Tours Alanya All our apartments are very close to Alanya's beaches with Turkey's Mediterranean. ​ We speak English, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish and Turkish and help you with all your questions from the beginning of your holiday planning to the end of your holiday. We also offer pick-up at the airport and drive you to your booked apartment with us, where an employee of ours gives you keys and shows you the apartment you have chosen. ​ ​ Our Apartments in Alanya Entertainment in Alanya Find Direct flights to Alanya We Pickup at the Airport Livemusic in Alanya Any Questions, Ask us Actvities in Alanya

  • Rent Kleopatra Beach Apartment 🏘️ EasyApartAlanya

    Kleopatra beach apartment 2 - For long-term rental Show More Pictures Internal Features: 3 Balcony 1 Bathroom 1 Livingroom 3 Bedroom 1 Open kitchen 2 WC 135 sqm Exterior Features: ​ Parking on the street Common Garden City Live Location: Kleopatra Beach Beach (150 meter) Sea (150 meter) Alanya Castle View City View Mountain View Close to Bus stop Heating & Cooling: Air conditioning Air heating system Solar heated water Electric heated water Watch the video, showing the apartment's great location Apartments Description: Fully furnished cozy four rooms apartment with open kitchen living room. 2 large bedrooms have a double bed, there is also a fully furnished study. Unlimited internet WiFi is available. 1 x Bathroom with shower (hot water in winter with electric heater) and 2 x toilet rooms. Large 3 x balconies. View of the city and mountains with the famous Alanya Castel. ​ Location: Cleopatra beach Apartment 2 is located on the west side of Alanya city in Saray area on the Atatürk Boulevard in Alanya. Kleopatra Beach and Damlatas beach is just 3 minutes walk away. ​ General information about the Saray - Atatürk Boulevard area: Atatürk Boulevard in Alanya are very close to Kleopatra Beach, is a vibrant area offering a range of amenities. The boulevard is known for its numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. It provides an excellent opportunity for leisurely strolls along the coast and offers a diverse selection of dining and shopping options. Additionally, the proximity to Kleopatra Beach ensures easy access to the beautiful coastline and its attractions. ​ Distance to known places: Kleopatra beach 100 meters Cable car Alanya 300 meters Damlatas caves 400 meters Red tower 2 km Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Monument 2 km ​ ​ Please note: Only for long-term rental ​ Rental price 790€ montly. Minimum rental period one year. Please note: This apartment are rented out and not available. Contact Us for more Details

  • Apartments for sale close to beaches in Alanya 🏘️ EasyApartAlanyaKLEOPATRA BEACH APARTMENT

    For sale €216.000 Property Details Property Type Apartment Size 135 sqm Bedrooms 3 Floor 2 Bathrooms 3 Year Built ​ Contact Real Estate Agent Cetin Inal Book a viewing 3+1 APARTMENT IN ALANYA CLOSE TO KLEOPATRA BEACH 2 WCs 1 BATHROOMS 135 sqm EAST NORTH WEST FACE Go Back

  • Kleopatra Beach Apartment 2

    < Back Kleopatra Beach Apartment 2 Saray, Atatürk Blv. No:113, 07400 Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye For Swap €216.000 Property Description "Looking to swap your property? We have a stunning 3+1 apartment located in the heart of Alanya, Turkey at Kleopatra Beach. With picturesque views and a prime location, our spacious apartment offers the ideal base for coastal living. We are open to exchanging our property for 1+0, 1+1, or 2+1 apartments, providing an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking a change of scenery. Contact us now to explore this exciting property swap opportunity in the beautiful region of Alanya, Turkey." Contact Agent Cetin Inal Property Details Property Type Apartment Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1 Size 135 Floors 2 Year Built 1994 Book a viewing Housing Swap - How it Works Property Location Saray, Atatürk Blv. No:113, 07400 Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye

  • Alanya Oba

    < Back Alanya Oba Oba close to Alanya Centrum Oba, a captivating part of Alanya, exudes a distinct charm that is characterized by its harmonious and pleasurable environment. The area has been meticulously designed to offer a delightful aesthetic, evident in its wide sidewalks, quaint squares, and numerous verdant spaces that define its cityscape. Residents and visitors are sure to appreciate the meticulous attention to detail that has been devoted to creating a visually appealing and inviting ambiance within this district. Additionally, Oba boasts an enticing proximity to several exquisite natural wonders, such as the breathtaking Dim River and its adjacent valley, located a mere quarter of a mile away. These natural marvels present an attractive invitation for exploration and relaxation, further enhancing the appeal of the area. Moreover, Oba offers excellent transportation options in the form of local city buses, allowing for convenient and efficient connectivity to the city center in approximately 10 minutes. This seamless access to urban conveniences complements the area's inherent tranquility, striking a perfect balance between a peaceful residential retreat and easy access to the bustling heart of Alanya. Previous Next Back to main List

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