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Alanya Konakli

Konakli on the west side of Alanya

Konakli, situated west of Alanya, stands as a new and burgeoning district. Boasting a serene setting amidst picturesque rural landscapes, this area enjoys a tranquil location adjacent to the stunning Mediterranean Sea.

While Konakli is home to numerous large hotel structures, it also maintains a distinctive local ambiance, largely characterized by its significant agricultural presence. This juxtaposition of modern hospitality establishments and traditional agricultural activities creates a unique and charming blend of atmospheres within the district.

Furthermore, Konakli benefits from excellent transportation options connecting it to both Alanya and the city of Antalya, where the airport is located. The main coastal road traverses the district, ensuring convenient access to neighboring areas and urban centers, making it an ideal location for residents and visitors seeking a harmonious balance between natural beauty and modern amenities.

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