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Alanya Nord

The northern part of Alanya ...

Location: The northern part of Alanya offers stunning views of the Taurus mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated between the town and countryside, with the southern part relatively close to the town center while the northern part is a bit further away.

Activities: The area provides excellent opportunities for hiking in the mountains and pine tree forests. It is also great for biking, although some of the hills are quite steep. There are several picnic areas and viewpoints, including the popular "Alanya Devlet Bahceli" park.

Shopping: There are grocery shops and other daily facilities available in the area, with more options closer to the lower parts. The availability of shops decreases as you move further up the hillside.

Transportation: While a few buses frequent the north, personal convenience may be better served by taxis or private vehicles. Budget-friendly options include walking, biking, or utilizing the free pick-up services offered by many restaurants and beach clubs.

Food & Dining: Plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bakeries can be found in the lower parts of Alanya North, particularly around the D-400 main road. However, the options decrease as you move higher up the mountainside.

Nearby: The northern part of Alanya is still close to the sea and the center of Alanya, providing easy access to various activities.

Overall, the northern part of Alanya is a suitable choice for those seeking tranquility while still being relatively close to the town center. If you have any specific questions or need further details about the area, feel free to ask us / contact us!

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