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Alanya Tosmur

Tosmur, just 5 minuts with the bus to centrum of Alanya!

Tosmur, located on the serene eastern edge of Alanya, presents an enchanting tableau of countryside allure, offering tranquility and stunning natural beauty that is sure to captivate families and visitors alike.

The proximity to the famous Dim River, a popular local attraction, adds to the charm of Tosmur. The river has long been a haven for the locals, providing a retreat from the summer heat with its refreshing waters, which maintain a temperature of approximately 15 degrees Celsius. Here, both tourists and locals gather to relax and socialize on floating docks nestled in the river, savor delectable meals, and indulge in invigorating swims in the crystal-clear waters.

Surrounded by lush greenery, Tosmur beckons nature enthusiasts to embark on extended hiking expeditions to the majestic Taurus Mountains, showcasing an unspoiled natural landscape that is perfect for exploration.

Adding to its appeal, Tosmur features a stunning beach promenade and a sizable shopping center replete with bustling markets, offering a delightful blend of leisure and convenience for residents and visitors. Additionally, the availability of local buses departing for Alanya every 5 minutes, ensures seamless connectivity, further enhancing the accessibility and appeal of this idyllic locale.

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