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Antalya / Alanya Tourism Outlook 2024

Germans Poised to Surpass Russians in Record-Breaking Year 2024

Germans Poised to Surpass Russians in Record-Breaking Year 2024

Antalya, the vibrant tourism hub on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, is gearing up for a potentially historic year in 2024, with industry professionals forecasting a wave of German tourists that could exceed 4 million for the first time, surpassing Russian visitor numbers.

As the city closed 2023 with unprecedented tourism records, the momentum has continued into the first months of 2024. Antalya has witnessed a surge in reservations, particularly from German tourists, with over 1.5 million bookings for the period after April. These strong early bookings signal a promising year ahead, with industry representatives setting their sights on 2024 as a potential new record year.

According to Akdeniz Touristic Hoteliers, the optimism for a remarkable year ahead was fueled by promising outcomes from tourism fairs in London and Berlin last November. The concerted efforts at these fairs have significantly contributed to a robust booking influx not only for Turkey but especially for Antalya. The majority of German tourists have already secured their bookings through early reservations, laying the groundwork for a substantial influx that could surpass 4 million visitors.

The anticipation of the German tourist influx exceeding 4 million reflects a significant shift in the tourism landscape, potentially placing Germans ahead of Russians for the first time. In 2023, Antalya welcomed 3.3 million German tourists, and with the current uptick in reservations, surpassing the 4-million mark is not only plausible but expected. With over 5 million reservations already recorded, the tourism industry in Antalya is brimming with optimism.

Moreover, industry professionals are keeping a close watch on the UK and Polish markets, two significant contributors to Antalya's tourism sector. Both countries saw impressive numbers in 2023, with Poland exhibiting a remarkable 35% increase and the UK market showcasing a 15% uptick. Early bookings for 2024 from these markets continue to show promise, further fueling the optimism for a potential 17 million tourist target for the year.

The combined momentum from the German, UK, and Polish markets paints a compelling picture for Antalya's tourism prospects in 2024. With the potential to surpass the 17 million tourist mark and the trend of early bookings indicating a buoyant year ahead, Antalya is poised to solidify its position as a premier destination for global travelers.

As the city readies itself for what could be a record-breaking year, all eyes are on Antalya, where the convergence of favorable booking trends and industry optimism sets the stage for a landmark year in the region's rich tourism history.


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